Online Documentation

At the moment the only documentation available for ASP Stats Generator is the short manual shipped with software package.
We are planning to publish a detailed documentation as soon as possible, we do apologize for the inconvenience.

If you want to contribute please contact us, we are always looking for documentation writers!

In the meantime, community forums are the best way to get more information about ASP Stats Generator functions and settings.

Forums and Support

Community forums are the best place where you can ask for help or search for solutions.
If you are looking for an answer please search the forums, probably your question has been asked and already answered before.

Community forums are available both in English and Italian Language.

Please note we don't provide personal or private support.

Bug reports

Please help us to find and destroy bugs!
We hate bugs as much as you and we do our best to find and fix them in time.

If you find a bug please report it!

First search our bug archive to check whether the issue has already being published. If so, feel free to post any additional information might help us closing the issue as soon as possible. If the bug doesn't appear to be in the list, fill a new bug report.

Feature requests

A perfect tool will probably never exist but we do our best to improve our software.
If you feel something new can be added or if you know about an additional feature, please create a new feature request.