ASP Stats Generator is a free software package, completely written in ASP programming language, for real time visitor tracking. The application is able to track web site activity generating graphical and statistical reports.

Tens of thousands of people and organizations have used ASP Stats Generator to analyze their websites.

The software completely run on your website and you have full control of your data.
You can integrate the application in your existing website or host it on a different server.

ASP Stats Generator is not (yet?) an open source software but it's free to download and use. The software is provided free of charge without any feature limitation.
Please read out license agreement before downloading or installing the package.

Key Features

  • User Details: analyze all your user navigation settings and configurations. With ASP Stats Generator you can track most used browser versions, operating systems or navigation environments.
    Discover user language settings and countries.
  • Visitor Activity: follow your users across your website. Keep track of page views, navigation paths and user behaviors.
  • Graphical Reports: raw data is not much more than records in a database. ASP Stats Generator analyzes records for you and displays pretty and friendly graphical reports and chart.
  • SEO and SEM oriented features: we are aware of the importance of web analytics in a Search Engine Marketing activity. This is the reason why ASP Stats Generator provides a huge set of SEO/SEM focused features, such as keyword ranking for each visit coming from a search engine result page.
  • Administration area: default settings cannot fit the need of all our users. We provide a password protected administration area to customize the application and tracking settings.